AH 11 Ancient Tuesday Assignments

A2 Essay is due on 11/21 and is part of the final exam.

            Theme: An Ancient Art Exhibit of 5 Objects only from Greek Art. 3 pages minimum.  Double-spaced, one-inch margins, not counting Title Page, Bibliography or Photo images. 

1.You are given a modest grant to organize a museum exhibit of Greek Art with a Theme in San Francisco of five works of art borrowed from the following museums: 1 only per each museum

Louvre Museum in Paris  British Museum in London  Metropolitan Museum in NYC 

J. Paul Getty Museum in Malibu    Museum of Fine Art Boston

2. The exhibit requirement is that all five works illustrate Greek Art of Minoan, Geometric, Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic periods linked by a theme, such as religion, myth, war, everyday life, leisure etc.  

3. Your grade evaluation is based on your selection and description and attention to theme.  

Selections – have you selected works from the five museums, linked by a theme.

Descriptions – Five separate descriptions each with theme.  These must be very complete, using descriptions from text or museums and in your own words. No quotes.  Write everything in your own words. Are you providing a complete description common to museums – Object ID, material, medium, size, subject identification and iconography? These terms will be explained in class and online.     

Theme – Introduce your theme in your Introduction, and later during your description include a short paragraph on how each work of art meets your theme. Because your works are your choices you must name or identify each one carefully by object name, museum, artist etc.

4. Title Page – The only place for your name and title is on the first title page.  This information is not repeated anywhere else on the paper.

5. Introduction – Tell me what you are about to do.  This paper is an exhibit of five works of art from Greek art borrowed from five different museums linked together by a theme.  My theme is……  Stop after that – Now do not give the rest of your paper away.  Your first or topic sentence must state your paper theme or title precisely.  You will be graded down if you begin your paper with a quote or general sentence about art or life or whatever.  

6. Conclusions : From these works of art what do you want visitors to your exhibit to go home with?  What is your message?  General words will not be enough.  Be specific from your examples and link this to your theme.  Hint – how wonderful they are will not do it.  Be specific and factual.

7.  Cite all sources with a Bibliography at the end. Note – No encyclopedias are used for this paper.  Wikipedia as a source will automatically give you an F on this paper.

8. Illustrations in the form of photo images with labels of all selections at the end.                     

9. No quotes unless it is an ancient speaking briefly. 

10. Write paper in your words.  Whole line or even half line copy/paste selections from an author is considered plagiarism and you want to stay away from that.  

11. Proof read carefully.  Misspellings and carelessness can be graded down. 

12. Read this list over one more time before you turn your paper in, printed and not emailed to me.  

Assignment 1.  Due online.  Send me a recent photograph of yourself that I can identify.  No group photos, just you.  Keep the cropped foreheads and diamond shaped photos for yourself. I need a whole face, verticle or horizontal. Send it to me with the following email subject.

Your name as its writen on the Cabrillo roll sheet followed by AH 11 TT.   Email it to me at qtermile@me.com.  

Your email to me will look something like this:

To              qtermile@me.com

Subject     Your First name Last name AH 11TT

If I were sending a photo the subject would look like this:   Brian Legakis AH 11TT 

But you are using your name as it appears officially registered at Cabrillo. If you go by a different name tell me in the email, but leave the official name in the subject.

You should be able to do this all from your phone in a couple of minutes.  I will not verify that I received your photo now, as I will be flooded with emails the first week.  If you request verification right away, ask for it.

    Fastest contact email is qtermile@me.com