AH 11H Honors Ancient Assignments

Assignment 1 is in two parts.  The first part is online and consists only of one or two photographs of you while the second part is to fill in a page and bring it in to me for a brief introduction meeting in my office during the first two weeks of school.

Assignment 1A  Photo - Due by first week of class.

Send a photo of yourself, clearly labeled in your subject email to me

I have 250 students and I need help connecting faces and names. Your photo helps me identify you, now, and in the future. Many of you will request assistance or letters to support you in jobs and school and a photo will aid me in remembering you immediately.   So…  This simple assignment helps.

Assignment 1A.  Due online only   Send me a recent photograph, even two different ones would be nice, of yourself that I can identify.  No group photos, just you.  Keep the cropped foreheads and diamond shaped photos for yourself. I need a whole face, verticle or horizontal. Send it to me with the following email subject.

Your name as its writen on the Cabrillo roll sheet followed by AH 11H.   Email it to me at qtermile@me.com.  

Your email to me will look something like this:

To              qtermile@me.com

Subject     Your First name Last name AH 11H

If I were sending a photo the subject would look like this:   Brian Legakis AH 11H 

But you are using your name as it appears officially registered at Cabrillo. If you go by a different name tell me in the email, but leave the official name in the subject.

You should be able to do this all from your phone in a couple of minutes.  I will not verify that I received your photo now, as I will be flooded with emails the first week.  If you request verification right away, ask for it.


Assignment 1B  Questionnaire, to be copied and printed out.

Print this out, filling in the information requested and bring it to me for discussion in my office in room 1006 during the first two weeks of class. Passing it in before class is not the intention.  We need 5-10 minutes together.

Name -

Year at Cabrillo 

Major at Cabrillo 

How long have you been in the Honors Program?

How many Honors courses have you taken including this one?

Do you expect to take 15 Honors level units and achieve Honors Scholar status?

How long before you transfer?

Career goals yet?

College or University you are interested in at this point?

Why did you register for Honors Ancient Art?






    Fastest contact email is qtermile@me.com