Honors Weekly Assignments

Term Paper date changed two days to Friday 4/28

Make all the corrections in WA5 and WA6.  Add your site and place it into the Introduction.  Make sure your objects of art are bundled together - label, description and Rationale, not separated.  Labels - if Attic Black Figure or Attic Red Figure - ABF or ARF are fine.  Objects in a vase should be the vase shape - kylix, oinochoe etc.  Your Descriptions from the Museum website are sometimes too brief - you can add them with the knowledge you have. The Rationale is your mark on the paper - embellish. The next area you can make your mark is with your conclusions.  It takes your personal interests in WA4,  combining with your knowledge of your site - explain how your art exhibit helps you understand this site.  Be as specific with this as you can.  Naturally you want to include all your research sources for your bibliography. I will not look at written work until you are submitting the final product but I will answer any question you have. Proof read your paper before you email me the paper. 

A2 Term Paper Due 4/28 Theme: Small Art Exhibit at Major Greek Sanctuary.  Your Mythic Character Takes Center Stage by organizing a small exhibit of five works of art from the worlds museums to take place at the most important sanctuary dedicated to your Mythic Character in Greece at their local on site museum.   Your art must date from Between Geometric through Hellenistic and Roman Periods but does not have to include all these periods.  The 5 works of art of sculpture and painted vases etc. detail the myth and religion of your mythic character and how your object relates to the site. The paper is a minimum of 5 pages in length,  double spaced size 12 font or less with one inch margins.  A title page, Introduction, body of paper with five examples, Conclusions, and Bibliography must be included.  Please read the following instructions carefully before you begin.

 1. Title Page is required. No pictures, size 12 font, name and title and course number and date.  This information is not repeated anywhere else in your paper.

 2. Introduction to paper restates the theme topic stated below in your own words, explaining what you are trying to accomplish. Small Art Exhibit at Major Greek Sanctuary – 5 selected works of art that illustrate the importance of God X at the following Greek Sanctuary. First select and identify the sanctuary site that is dedicated your god – Identify it briefly by name and geographical location, and explain its physical characteristics as well as its religious importance. Then list all five objects of art in your report. Please do not start your paper off with a general statement about art such as “of the many wonders of Ancient Art we today can only imagine the greatness of a bygone era.” You will be marked down for general art statements or quotes as your topic sentence.

 3. Body of Paper contains detailed descriptions of your five examples of art from between Geometric – Roman times.  Most of them will likely be Archaic and Classical era.  Start each art object with an abstract. Your abstract will closely resemble a museum label. Then describe the object in detail, including  the iconography and religious significance this object would have at this site. Your works of art can be selected from any museum that provides fully detailed descriptions that help you with your own.  They do not have to actually come from the sites you selected – just match the right deity. 

 4. Conclusions to paper. Your Conclusions are your summary.  Think of it as an abstract of the entire paper. You need to be precise, accurate and brief.  Explain how your exhibit in its sum total adds to the understanding of your archaeological site. This is entirely your interpretation but it must appear rational and true to the site and the objects.  Your Conclusions are vital to your papers grade.

 5. Bibliography – a collection of all sources in your paper.  Expect to include a minimum of 10 sources with 5 physical books or articles.  Your web sources need to be identified by both website title as well as  web address.  Encyclopedias or Wikipedia citations must not be used.  Theoi is an exception. “Safe web Sources” will be provided. Any bibliographic format is accepted.

 6. Illustrations of all new selections at the end.

 7 Proof read carefully. No quotes, unless it is an ancient person speaking.  Write paper in your own words.  Whole line or even half line copy/paste selections from an author is considered plagiarism and you will want to stay away from that.  Failure to proof read can result in a grade reduction. 

Weekly Assignments 6 is below for those who have not finished it. Do not do 6 until you have finished #5.

WA6 Due Friday April 14.

Theme: Finish Art Object Selection.  Beginning with #3 and finishing with #4 and #5, add the three more art objects you need to fulfill the requiremtns of your term paper. First -

1. Go back to #1 and #2 from WA5 and add the artist and date to the labels.  Write these down for me as Part 1 added information. - for self clarity - proceed each one with museum and Number - then date and finally artist if it exists. No need to include the complete labels from WA5 - all I need is what is required above.

2. Add 3 objects by label only - making sure to complete each label with date and artist if the artist exists. No description or rationale are necessary. Include the source for each work, for both of us, so that you can return when you write the paper to complete the description and rationale.

3. Your sources use can continue to utilize Theoi but now you can go to works from class, your text, Perseus classical dictionary, the Beazley Archive, but especially the following museums with websites - NY Metropolitan Museum, the British Museum, the Louvre and the J. Paul Getty Museum Malibu. Going to the museums directly could be helpful for you.

This assignment will take an equal amount of time because you are searching but less time in writing because you are omiiting the descriptions and rationales.

WA5 Due Friday April 7.

Theme: Art Object Selection

1. In Theoi - glance over the objects of art for your mythic deity and select two that appear to fit some aspect of your research or interest that you turned in last week. Identify the object by museum and attempt to locate it in its museum by going online. This can be frustrating. You may have to select more than two if you have difficulty finding the objects in museums.

2. Prepare a label for 2 art objects consisting of the following criteria. The label information will appear on the museum website.

Museum - by name and city location

Museum inventory number

Medium - bronze sculpture, marble relief, ABF (Attic Black Figure Pot) etc.

Object - Kantharos, Temple cult statue, Sanctuary Dedication, etc

Subject - Athena with Heracles, Apollo and Artemis, Zeus and Hera, etc.

Provenance - Athens, Corinth, Marseilles, etc. 

Description - In your own words paraphrasing from the museum’s description -    In this Birth of Athena, Zeus is seated in his throne while Hephaestus has just split his head open with an axe and is running away in alarm.  Athena just born, appears as an adult dressed in helmet and shield and brandishing a spear held in a threatening manner. The mother of Athena, Metis is nowhere to be seen in this scene as Zeus has swallowed her early in her pregnancy. 

3. Your Rationalization for selection is added next - but not part of your label. 

This rearkable kylix drinking cup with Birth of Athena appearing on the outside lip of the vessel was selected in order to illustrate how Athena, as protector of cities, assumed her highest priority function minutes after her birth. You should write twice this amount.

Remember for this assignment you are writing labels and Rationiztion for 2 different works of art and they must ultiately be found in museums.

Weekly Written Assignment 4 Due Friday March 31 online, to qtermile@me.com

Theme: Know Thyself. This assignment requires you to go to Theoi in order to familiarize yourself with your deity and to begin to collect specific ideas you could use for your paper.

1. Read the opening description of your deity as well as the encyclopedia essay on your chosen one and mention 2-3 attributes, stories, or ideas that you might consider exploring in your paper and why you selected each one.  You are not bound to use any of these. 

2. Read the Homeric Hymns to Your Deity and select 2-3 ideas, descriptions or characters that you might consider exploring in your paper and why you selected each one.  You are not bound to use any of these. 

While you are not bound by any of the sections you made from these readings - it makes sense to take them seriously as this and later weekly assignments are laying the foundation for your term paper. Feel free to ask any question that comes up.

Weekly Written Assignment 3 Due Friday March 3 online, to qtermile@me.com

Theme: Selection of Greek Mythological Deity - To be used for the basis of your term paper due at the end of the semester. The selection of your deity will occur after viewing Monday and Wednesday’s lectures in class on the 12 Olympian Gods and Goddesses as well as examining the website Theoi in the link below. You may consult me at any stage of this assignment.


Part 1 Select the link below to the mythology website Theoi.


Take about 10 minutes to skim it over and write an impression of the site based on your first impression.

Part 2 Attend both lectures on Greek myth in class this week and select only one Myth figure from our lectures for your research projects of the term. Write a paragraph on which god you have chosen and why.  You may include any of the following criteria or others in your discussion.  Criteria: May include

Personal Identification, admiration, audaciousness, exotic nature etc.

Part 3 After your selection is secured go back to Theoi and focus in on the vast amount of information that is available for your God.  Write a paragraph on how Theoi will be of use to you in writing a paper that uses art works that tell stories about your god at a famous Greek sanctuary sacred to your own deity. You are not asked to do any research for this essay - look at the parts of Theoi that could be of use.

One-page minimum 

Weekly Written Assignment 2 Due Wednesday February 15 online, to qtermile@me.com

Theme: Egyptian Queen Tiye (sometimes just Tiy) - Piecing together a visual image of a powerful woman of the 18th Dynasty from One site, and two sculptures. Three parts.

Queen Tiye - Tiye, wife and chief queen of Amenhotep III and mother of Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten, was an important and influential person during the reigns of both kings. While not born into the royal family, she was the daughter of a powerful noble and military family with close connections to the king. Her parents, Yuya and Tuya, were given a rich burial in the Valley of the Kings; one brother held a powerful priesthood and another may have been Aya, who became pharaoh after the death of Tutankhamun. One niece may have been Nefertiti, who married her son Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten and another the wife of Haremhab, last king of Dynasty 18. She survived the death of Amenhotep III and moved with her son to his new capital at Tell el-Amarna.

1. Site is Amarna - home to Tiye late in her later life but an important new home for her excentric son, King Akhetaten, and grandson King Tut. Click onto this site for an overview of Amerna.  Write a brief paragraph on the site based on the home page, perhaps 3-4 sentences.

2. New York Metropolitan Head of Queen Tiye? Click on this NYC Met link

Write a brief description on this sculpture based on the caption written below the photo of the head on the Met museum page cited above.  Follow that description in the same paragraph with your own reaction the sculpture.

3. Berlin Egyptian Museum Head of Queen Tiye.  Click on Berlin Tiye link

Again - Write a brief description on this sculpture based on the caption written below and next to the photo of the head on the Berlin museum page cited above.  Follow that description in the same paragraph with your own reaction the sculpture but you might add - are you surprised by the appearance of this work? Does she share the portrait look of the NYC Met scultpure above? Lastly - is the NYC Met work, incomplete as it is - still vital in reconstructing the visual image of the queen?

Three paragraphs total - 1 page minimum - double spaced is ok. Email to qtermile@me.com by Wed. Feb. 15.

Weekly Written Assignment 1 Due Friday January 27 online.

1. Click the link above and read the 2012 article on cave painting. Pay special attention to the dates that are given in the article.

2. What is the principle claim made by the article that would potentially change Art History? You are paraphrasing using your own words but not your opinions.

3. Using the evidence presented provide a counter argument against the claim, using your own words but not yet taking your personal view.

4. Finally using your voice - Honors Student voice - which of the two sides do you favor and why?  Yes or no. This will be an important part.  Keep your views seperate until this last part of the essay.

5. One page minimum double spaced one inch margins size 12 font. Proof read quite carefully. Email the essay to me - preferably in .docx or .doc file to one but not both of my email addresses.

6. While grading is primarily on content, demerits can occur if the writing is sloppy. Proofread carefully. Note the essays are given: 1 for less than satisfactory, 2 for satisfactory and 3 for excellent.  Any essay that meets but does not exceed the minimum length of one page will likely not receive higher than a 2 level grade. There is no maximum but try not to exceed 2.5 pages.  Writing only enough to meet the bare minimum is not to your advantage.

7. The purpose of this essay is to examine reading comprehension, rational arguments vs. personal opinion and analysis as well as effort. I would prefer that students not ask for further guidence on writing these essays until they have been returned. You will receive plenty of feedback after they have been graded. Following directions completely is part of this exercise.

    Fastest contact email is qtermile@me.com