A2 Essay due Due 5/2

Portraiture Exhibition: Four Examples of Renaissance and Baroque Portraiture. You are selecting 2 Renaissance portraits and 2 Baroque/Rococo portraits for a small (make believe) museum exhibit that you are organizing.  Portraits are images of people – usually very detailed and clear pictures of real individuals that could be recognized in their own time.  Your examples reflect the period of their production.  What this means is that you want to select portraits that are great examples of the period they were made.  We will be giving good background in class on what that means.


The 4 works of art can be taken from class, your text or any other source but they all must live permanently in a museum.  Museums provide you with the best online information regarding your work of art and they provide that information on their websites. Format: 1 inch margins double spaced font size 12 

 3  pages minimum is very important.  Double spaced. Typed.  


Summary of A2 

What are you doing?

1 You select 4 works of Portraiture from this course – two from Renaissance, and two from the Baroque and Rococo periods, all of them from real museums.  

 2 You “borrow” them for your own museum exhibit where your selections explain how your portraits are excellent examples of art from the period they came from.

 3 Title Page – is required before you write one word of your paper. Name course and title is all you need. This information does not appear again in your paper except for perhaps name at top of each page.

 4  Introduction – Don’t start your paper with a general art statement.  Be specific - explain the topic of this paper and what you are trying to prove: “This paper is a summary of a small exhibition of 4 Portraits of the Renaissance and Baroque periods that serve as examples of art from the periods they were made”  You may use this sentence or make it into your own.  Explain what a portrait is and what types of characteristics in portraits you will write about in your paper.  Examples of characteristics– Individual or group portrait, generic or “photo” real portraits, simple identification or important story told.    Lastly list the four portraits by period, artist and title here.

 5 Body of paper – Each work of art needs to be identified first by a Museum Label.  This information is provided by the lending museum.  Your label information will look like this:

Artist name



Period and specific Date

Museum and inventory number


Then you get to describe your work – what is in it, portrait characteristics, story content, etc, all with the help of the museum information on their website.  Lastly you must explain why this work of art is a good example of the time period it was made. Most of grading evaluation will be based on this part of the paper.

8 Conclusions – Answer the following questions.  Why are portraits a good choice for art examples that explain what it is that makes a representative Renaissance or Baroque period work?  Which of the four examples did you find a personal connection with and why?  When your family and friends come to the small exibit of 4 works of art as guests, what story or do you what to convey to them about the art you have assembled that you have not mentioned in detail so far.

9 Bibliography list all sources at the end.  Websites should have a title as well as an address. .  Encyclopedia or Wikipedia citations must not be used.  “Safe Sources” are museum websites

10 Illustrations if used will be at the end.

11. I will not read a draft but you can show me one example to see if you are on the right track.

 12.  No quotes unless it is an artist speaking briefly.

 13. Write paper in your words.  Whole line or even half line copy/paste selections from an author is considered plagiarism and you want to stay away from that. 

 14  Proof read carefully.  Misspellings and carelessness can be graded down.

 15  Read this list over one more time before you turn your paper in, printed and not emailed to me.


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