AH 14 Assignments

Term Paper Due 11/22 Theme: A small exhibit of the History of Modern Art through 5 Narratives. You will be selecting and organizing a small museum exhibit by “borrowing” five works of art that represent the major Artistic Innovations of Modern Art using narratives, or stories tod in art.  Your descriptions of each art work will require research.  Where do you find the information to write the descriptions? Museums tend to have excellent websites that provide you with important background information on the objects of art.  Each museum description is a summation of conventional wisdom.  You must use this information as the basis for your descriptive analysis of each work. The paper is a minimum of 3 pages in length,  double spaced, size 12 font or less with one inch margins.  It will be printed and presented the first five minutes in class on 11/22.  For your paper all items below are required.

Check out the following museums as possible sources for your works of art.

New York Metropolitan Museum of Art

Museum of Modern Art NYC

Museum of Modern Art San Francisco

Musee d’Orsay Paris

Louvre Museum Paris

Tate Britain London

Tate Modern London 

Picasso Museum Barcelona

Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

1. The Title Page is required. No pictures, size 12 font, name and title and course number and date.  This information is not repeated anywhere else in your paper.


2. The Introduction to paper restates the theme topic stated below in your own words, explaining what you are trying to accomplish. A small exhibit of the History of Modern Art through 5 Narratives.   Explain where the exhibit will take place and the criteria for selecting the objects.  Then list all five objects of art in your report. Please do not start your paper off with a general statement about art such as “of the many wonders of Modern Art we have today one can only imagine the greatness of artist invention.” You will be marked down for general art statements or quotes as your topic sentence.


3. The Body of Paper contains detailed descriptions of your five examples of Modern art all “borrowed” from museums, only one object allowed per museum. Your complete Descriptive Analysis of each work of art will have the following 3 parts: 1. Label. Title, artist, medium, museum, size. 2. Descriptive Analysis Describe the object in detail, including the iconography and style using the museum supplied information retold in your own words.  Allow the object to remind you what topics to cover.  3. Selection Rational – This is where you explain why this work had to be selected to illustrate your history of Modern Art exhibit.  Be specific. 


4. The Conclusions to paper. Your Conclusions are your summary.  Think of it as an abstract of the entire paper. You need to be precise, accurate and brief including the following 3 items. 1. Intro Explain again what you said in the Intro about the purpose of the paper and your criteria for selection.  2. Exclusions Write a few sentences on what areas of Modern Art you did not represent and why.  3. Major Ideas. Lastly explain what are the 2-3 major ideas you want your audience to take away when they leave your exhibit.


5. Bibliography – a collection of all sources in your paper.  Expect to include a minimum of 8 sources not including my lectures or course textbook.  Your web sources need to be identified by both website title as well as web address.  Encyclopedias or Wikipedia citations must not be used. “Safe Web Sources” will be provided. Any bibliographic format is accepted.


6. Illustrations of all selections with captions are placed after the Conclusions. They may fit on one page.


7  Proof read carefully No quotes, unless it is a Modern artist speaking.  Write paper in your own words.  Whole line or even half line copy/paste selections from an author is considered plagiarism and you will want to stay away from that. 


8. Include this list in your paper at the end with a pencil check off of every item to show you read this carefully before turning this paper in.Assignment 1.  Due online.  Send me a recent photograph of yourself that I can identify.  No group photos, just you.  Keep the cropped foreheads and diamond shaped photos for yourself. I need a whole face, verticle or horizontal. Send it to me with the following email subject.

Your name as its writen on the Cabrillo roll sheet followed by AH 14.   Email it to me at qtermile@me.com.  


Your email to me will look something like this:

To              qtermile@me.com

Subject     Your First name Last name AH 14

If I were sending a photo the subject would look like this:   Brian Legakis AH 14 

But you are using your name as it appears officially registered at Cabrillo. If you go by a different name tell me in the email, but leave the official name in the subject.

You should be able to do this all from your phone in a couple of minutes.  I will not verify that I received your photo now, as I will be flooded with emails the first week.  If you request verification right away, ask for it.

    Fastest contact email is qtermile@me.com