AH 52 Latin American Art Assignments

A2 Final essay Due 5/1

Theme: The Biographies of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo through their art.  You will reconstruct the life stories of Diego and Frida – the two most famous Latin American artists – and couples only through their art.  You select four works of art by each artist to tell something about their lives, art or personality.  You will find the works of art in museums and in private collections.  A list of excellent online sources to these collections will be provided to you on your website.  The paper has the following 6 parts.


  1. Title Page - Name of student.  Title of paper, course name, date  - Font size -12.  Your name and title appears nowhere else in this paper.


  1. Introduction to paper explains the Theme of the paper.  Briefly explain what you intend to do in this paper regarding these two artists.  5-8 sentences needed.  Note this is page one of your paper and no information from the title page appears here.  Start your Intro from the top of the page.  Set your margins at 1 inch all the way around – font size 12 or less, double-spacing.  Explain what you have in mind listing the titles of all 8 works of art in your paper. Do not start your paper with a general statement or quote about art.  


  1. Body of Paper – this is where you will separately discuss the lives of Diego and Frida only through their art.  You must select four works of art by each artist to explain something of their lives.  Identify each work of art briefly by title, medium (painting technique – oil, fresco, watercolor, drawing etc) dimensions, museum or collection location and date.  Select one or two things to say about their lives revealed in the art works – using first the factual information provided for you by the museums.  Only after you have provided that, then add your own views. Do all four works by each artist and then move on to the next artist.


  1. Conclusions – Summarize the lives and personalities of each person only from the works of art you used in the paper. You now have a total of four art work observations to sum up the lives for each artist. How were these two artists different from one another. Do they approach life or art in a different way.  If they do approach art in a different way, does that say something about them as people?


  1. Bibliography at the end. Note – No encyclopedias are used for this paper.  Wikipedia as a source will automatically give you an F on this paper. Web sites require site title + web address.


6       Illustrations of all objects are placed at the end of the paper with captions – artist, title, museum 


Did you do this???

7    Proof read carefully No quotes, unless it is an ancient person speaking.  Write paper in your own words.  Whole line or even half line copy/paste selections from an author is considered plagiarism and you will want to stay away from that. 


8    Include this list at the end of your paper with a pencil check near each item.

 Assignment 1 due Right Away……..

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Assignment 1.  Due online.  Send me a recent photograph of yourself that I can identify.  No group photos, just you.  Send it to me with the following email subject.

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