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Bill Holm and George Catlin Bibliography below this Essay Assignment

Two Western Views of American Indians: Bill Holm and George Catlin   

Explain how American Indians were expressed in very different ways by these two artists.  

Select four examples total by these artists, 2 by Holm and 2 by Catlin that provide a range of attitudes and interpretations of American Indians in art.  You are encouraged to select additional works of art by other artists from this course to compare with these.

Research the history of each artist but remember to keep any biographical information to a minimum.  Your paper is evaluated on the discussions from the art objects you choose. You may bring history in to your paper but the art objects themselves will receive most of the focus.  The emphasis comes from the art as evidence. Font size 12 or less.  No quotes unless they are by 19th century people.  3 pages min.  One-inch margins. 

Your paper needs to include:

1. Title Page – The only place for your name and title is on the first title page.  This information is not repeated anywhere else on the paper. 

2. Introduction – Tell me what you are about to do.  This paper is your comparison of two artists (Bill Holm and George Catlin) artistic views of American Indians. Collect the type of characteristics and views your artists demonstrate later on in the paper.  Identify these traits in the introduction but do not assign these to either artist.  I repeat – do not give your paper away yet - your introduction will clearly state your definitions of these characteristics or views (without an artists name attached) and finally include the list of your four objects by name, two by each artist. You should probably wait to write this until after you finish the Body of the paper.

3. Body of Paper will have at least four detailed paragraphs, one for each art selection and should include:                 Identification of work by name, museum, or location and medium.

Description. Three to five sentences describing the object and pointing out the emphasis and                  point of view of the artist. It is advised to follow one work by one artist with another by the other       artist.  Describe it as well and follow the two works with a one on one comparison.

4. Conclusions: This is a summary of each artists views of the American Indian through a collection of all that you discovered in the body of the paper. Make this a factual conclusion.  

5. Sources. Cite all sources with a Bibliography at the end. Note – No encyclopedias are used for this paper. Wikipedia as a source will automatically give you an F on this paper. Illustrations of all selections at the end are helpful for the reader but not required.

6. Your paper will be written in your own words. Plagiarism even of three to four word phrases will result in a considerable grade deduction, and in clear cases will give a failing grade to the paper. No quotes unless they are by an historical person from the past.

Bill Holm and George Catlin Bibliography

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George Catlin

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https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/96827467/AH%2018/Bill%20Holm%20and%20George%20Catlin%20Bibliography.docxAssignment 1 Due by first week of class.

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