AH 19 Watsonville Assignment

A2- Due 11/21    Look at new edition - the Comparisons page below

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Topic: Maya vs Teotihuacan Art – A Culture Apart.  Maya and Teotihuacan are both Mesoamerican but are very different in nearly all aspects of art and culture.  You are to compare these two cultures by making three pairs of comparisons.  3 Full pages of text is minimum.  Bibliography, illustrations etc are extra

Comparisons Page  this page will grow each week

I will evaluate your paper on the following requirements. You must have:

1. Title Page.  Name Class title of paper all in the small font of you paper.  No photo and no large font.

2. Introduction of Mesoamerican features.  Repeat no details from title page here.  No name or title in rest of paper.

Your introduction must explain all the main features of Mesoamerican art and culture in list form and which ones you will be comparing in your essay.  This list must be clear, detailed and long.  We have spent the entire semester collecting them in class and you should have one page in your notebook dedicated to this list.

3. Body of Paper Include and describe all 6 works of art (3 pairs).  This is 60-75% of grade – how detailed and clear your comparisons are. Compare the entire city of Teotihuacan with a Maya city of your choice.  Compare The Pyramid of the Sun with a Maya Pyramid of your choice. Compare a Teotihuacan Host Figure with a sculpture of Pacal of your choice.  Describe each work of art individually – material – style, function and purpose first then compare the two – how they share features or are very unlike one another.  

Comparisons Page  this page will grow each week

4. Conclusion – Summing up all differences between both cultures – factually from entire paper, explain how each culture – Teotihuacan as well as Maya - exhibits Mesoamerican Features in a different way.  You need to go back to your Introduction for the features you use.  

5. 3 pages – full pages.  Do not start half way down a page. One-inch margins all around. Sixe 12 font double-spaced.

6. Sources. Cite all sources with a Bibliography at the end. Note – No encyclopedias are used for this paper. Wikipedia as a source will automatically give you an F on this paper. Illustrations of all selections at the end are helpful for the reader but not required.  

7. Plagiarism: Your paper will be written in your own words. Plagiarism even of three to four word phrases will result in a considerable grade deduction, and in clear cases will give a failing grade to the paper. No quotes unless they are by an historical person from the past                                                                                                                         Assignment 1.  Due online.  Send me a recent photograph of yourself that I can identify.  No group photos, just you.  Keep the cropped foreheads and diamond shaped photos for yourself. I need a whole face, verticle or horizontal. Send it to me with the following email subject.

Comparisons Page  this page will grow each week

Your name as its writen on the Cabrillo roll sheet followed by AH 19.   Email it to me at qtermile@me.com.  


Your email to me will look something like this:

To              qtermile@me.com

Subject     Your First name Last name AH 19

If I were sending a photo the subject would look like this:   Brian Legakis AH 19 

But you are using your name as it appears officially registered at Cabrillo. If you go by a different name tell me in the email, but leave the official name in the subject.

You should be able to do this all from your phone in a couple of minutes.  I will not verify that I received your photo now, as I will be flooded with emails the first week.  If you request verification right away, ask for it

    Fastest contact email is qtermile@me.com