AH 12 Assignments

A2 - Due 4/27

Theme: Five Masterpieces of the Medieval World from Global Museums. A personal selection of five great works of art from the periods and regions of AH 12.  3 pages minimum.  Double-spaced, one-inch margins.

1. You are given the task of selecting five personal masterpieces of Medieval Art from our course. Select one from the following periods, Early Christian,  Early Byzantine, Dark Ages, Romanesque, and Gothic.

2. Your selection can come from objects seen in lecture, your text, or other sources such as museums.

3. Each work should satisfy three criteria or masterpiece qualifiers.   Quality of craftsmanship, important art historical iconographical value, and an outstanding example of its period.

Masterpiece Qualifier Criteria Explanations:

Quality of Craftsmanship includes materials used and their execution.  While subjective, most students by the end of the course will be able to determine this characteristic.

Iconography is the study of the subject and story behind it.  Your work must have an important story it tells or the object has an important historical story because of the role it played in history.

Outstanding Example from its period, or period qualifier. Explain how each work of art demonstrates the qualities and characteristics from the period that it was selected.


Your paper needs to include:

1. Title Page – The only place for your name and title is on the first title page.  This information is not repeated anywhere else on the paper.


2. Introduction – Tell me what you are about to do.  This paper is your choice of five masterpieces of art from the Medieval world all selected from Museums – no exceptions unless they come from architecture.  Each of the works demonstrates three important characteristics necessary to qualify it as a masterpiece: Craftsmanship. Iconography and Period characteristics.  Your introduction will clearly state your definitions of these three characteristics and finally include a list of your five objects by name.  Do not start your paper off with a general statement about art or with a quote.


3. Body of Paper will have at least five detailed paragraphs, one for each masterpiece and should include:                    1. Identification of masterpiece by name, museum, or location and medium.

                  2. Description. Two or three sentences describing the object.

                  3. Craftsmanship qualifier.  You need to be specific, not merely that it is beautiful or awesome.

                  4. Iconography qualifier. Be detailed with this part.  The subject and story are very important.

                  5. Period Characteristics qualifier. Provide at least two or three traits that make your choice a      perfect example selected from each period.  It could be style, location, subjects, or function of art.


4. Conclusions : Select one of the five as your choice to represent all of medieval art and why?  Next select only one of the three masterpiece criteria qualifiers and explain how you think this one criterion is more important than all the rest and why.


5. Sources. Cite all sources with a Bibliography at the end. Note – No encyclopedias are used for this paper.  Wikipedia as a source will automatically give you an F on this paper. Illustrations of all selections at the end are helpful for the reader but not required.         


6. Your paper will be written in your own words. Plagiarism even of three to four word phrases will result in a considerable grade deduction, and in clear cases will give a failing grade to the paper. No quotes unless they are by an historical person from the past. Assignment 1.5  Your Statement  Copy and paste this assignment into your next email to me and send it only to qtermile@me.com  Remember to put your name followed by AH 12 in your email subject.



 Year in School


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Have you thought about any schools you would like to transfer too?


Have you taken another Art History or Art Course? – if so which ones?


Why did you select this Art History course?


Besides fulfilling a requirement, do you see any value in taking this course for yourself?


Do you work?  Where? How many hours a week.

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